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Azerbaijan and Georgia were the subjects of several articles and posts today.

World Politics Review and the Sunday edition of the Turkish outlet Zaman carried articles on the speculation that Israel intends to use Azeri bases and airspace for attacks on Iran‘s nuclear facilities, speculation that the Azerbaijan government denies.

Eurasianet has a piece on the debate stirred up by a Georgian TV show that explores “Women’s Logic.”

Euronews has an article on the election of a former KGB agent in the recent presidential election in South Ossetia, a breakaway region of Georgia that has declared itself a republic. The “election” winner has expressed a desire to unite South Ossetia with the Russian province North Ossetia, making both part of Russia.

Defencetalk has a brief on Georgia testing their first domestically designed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle today. Georgia President Saakashvilisaid he would attend the test.

Map of Georgia showing the autonomous republic...