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Reported ties between Azerbaijan and Israel have been making news lately. Today is no exception, with two related stories being posted.

World Politics Review has doubts about how ready Azerbaijan is to provide the use of bases to Israel.


Azerbaijan as Israel’s Anti-Iran ‘Staging Ground’ a Tough Sell

As tensions over Iran’s nuclear program rise, assertions that Israel’s increasing closeness to Azerbaijan,
a predominantly Muslim state on Iran’s northern border, represents the emergence of an anti-Iran “tag team”
are gaining currency. But despite undoubtedly warming ties between the two countries, there is no
indication that Baku is in any hurry to sacrifice its national interests by participating in a conflict
that could possibly drag it into a regional conflagration.

Turkish site Zaman quotes an earlier Foreign Policy Magazine report in making the argument that the partnership sounds plausible. Azerbaijan denies the reports.


Uncertainty over Israeli presence on Azerbaijani airbases lingers

Information has surfaced that Israel has access to Azerbaijani airbases, a claim Azerbaijan vehemently
denied on March 29.  Access to these airbases would make it easier for Israel to strike the Islamic Republic of Iran, which
many say is seeking to develop nuclear technology. According to a report published by Foreign Policy on
March 29, Israel has gained access to airbases in southern Azerbaijan, bordering Iran.
Reacting to the news published in FP, Azerbaijan denied the allegations, calling them untrue. In an
interview with AFP, Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense spokesman Teymur Abdullayev said the claims seek to
“damage relations between Azerbaijan and Iran,” adding that “there will be no actions against Iran … from
the territory of Azerbaijan.”