The European Defence Agency (EDA) members: Blu...

The European Defence Agency (EDA) members: Blue: European Union Light blue: Opt-out (Denmark) Green: Opt-in (Norway) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Jorge Benitez, NATOSource, April 29, 2013From Thomas Enders and Wolfgang Ischinger, Munich Security Conference:  Demands are growing – as the recent crises in Mali and Libya illustrate – even as defence budgets steadily decline. . . .

In light of this situation, Europe – especially Germany, France, and Great Britain – should reach agreement on three aspects of joint defence:

1.     The strategic objective.

2.     The extent of shared sovereignty.

3.     The design of the market… (more)

(A longer, German version of this article appeared in the German newspaper Handelsblatt [translated here] on April 26, 2013.)