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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey

Several articles on Turkey today, most related to the situation with Syria.

Three of the articles are from Turkish media outlet Today’s Zaman:

One is a commentary about apparent preparations the Turkish government is making to clear the way for intervention in Syria.

Another is a story on Kofi Annan‘s visit to Syrian refugee camps in Turkey.

The third is on Turkey requesting the UN Security Council to take action to protect Syrians.

Another story, this one from Enduring America is a review of several issues in Turkey, and focuses on Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s leadership in the country’s response to the Syria crisis.

Two articles, also from Today’s Zaman, relate to Turkey’s complicated relationship with Iran.

The first Iran article is a column about the twists and turns in Turkey’s efforts to gain influence with the Arab world and Iran, and how Iran appears to have turned away from those efforts.

The second Iran piece describes Turkey’s negative response to Iranian claims that Turkey apologized for recent harsh criticism of Iran.